Any rules I should know about before attending a show?

– Please DO NOT heckle, comment on jokes or converse with the comedians. Doing so can interfere with the comedian’s finely-tuned act and negatively affect the experience of other paying customers.  Please be courteous to the performers as well as those around you.

– Please silence your cell phones and take any conversations outside the showroom.  Please also be courteous of the volume of your voice when placing orders when placing orders with the wait staff.

– Obnoxious, Loud, Drunken and otherwise disruptive behavior WILL NOT be tolerated in the showroom. Participating in such activity will result in IMMEDIATE EJECTION without warning or refund.

– Laughter is NOT considered talking… we encourage you to LAUGH out loud!

– Photography and recording is NOT allowed in the showroom. Please take all pictures before or after the show.